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11 Tips In Maintaining The Soft Top Of Your Convertible

11 Tips In Maintaining The Soft Top Of Your Convertible

There’s nothing better than cruising down the open road with the top down. This is one of the biggest appeals of a soft-top convertible. As all convertible owners know, maintaining the soft top is key to ensuring the Mercedes stays in optimal shape for decades.

Follow these cleaning and maintenance tips when caring for a soft-top convertible:

1 – Consider The Soft Top Material

Not all cleaning methods can be applied to every soft top. To ensure proper maintenance, first, identify whether the top is made of vinyl or canvas.

2 – Vinyl Tops Are More Durable

If the soft top is made of vinyl, this makes it easier to clean. These tops are waterproof, meaning they can be cleaned using top shampoo and scrubbed without the fear of leaks.

3 – Canvas Tops Require Extra Care

Canvas soft tops, on the other hand, are not waterproof meaning the same cleaning routine cannot be applied. Fabric tops should be treated to make them water-resistant for both use and cleaning applications.

4 – Inspect For Leaks

Routinely inspect the soft top for any signs of leaks or holes. The moment one is spotted it is ideal to patch up the leak or to upgrade by looking for used Mercedes-Benz auto parts online for a possible soft top replacement.

5 – Remove Debris

Before driving off, cleaning, washing, or even just moving the soft top always double-check that the roof is free of any debris. Something as small as a twig can cause a major tear on the top if it is not removed on time.

6 – Invest In A Convertible Top Spray

There are many instances where stains, grease, and oils accumulate all over the soft top. These are hard to remove because excessive scrubbing can damage even the best vinyl tops. Instead, it is suggested that all convertible owners should have a convertible top spray on hand to help break down grease and oils for easier cleaning.

7 – Top Protectant

Vinyl tops, despite their durability, are still susceptible to UV damage as well as wear and tear. To help delay these, apply a top protectant after each cleaning.

8 – Don’t Skip The Back Window

Keeping a convertible clean doesn’t mean stopping at the soft top. Also, take time to clean the back window to prevent any discoloration or serious watermark stains.

9 – Avoid Corrosive Materials

Cleaning agents such as vinegar, bleach, alcohol, and detergent are all corrosive to a soft-top cover. If you have been using these cleaning materials in the past it may be time to look for a replacement soft top from the used Mercedes Benz auto parts shop near you.

10 – Regular Washing

To ensure the soft top is preserved and stays in optimal condition, wash it at least once a month or as soon as dust and dirt start to settle on top.

11 – Soft Brushes Are Highly Recommended

The best tool to use when cleaning both canvas or vinyl soft top is a soft brush. Cloth rags tend to leave lint between the weaves while hard brushes do more damage than actual cleaning.

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