Your wedding is the most important day in your life. On this particular day, all you wish is everything to be perfect. From food, décor to the right colour palate theme. But amidst all of it, what captures attention is the Wedding cake. Sigh! With the mere name of the cake, there’s drool in our mouth. Different flavours are emerging and being chosen by almost everyone. Although one should try out unique tastes, we have curated to 8 most popular and trending cake flavours for your big day. To know more, keep scrolling!

Pink Champagne

Who doesn’t love champagne? It’s but obvious that every wedding deserves to have champagne. But what if you get the flavours of it in form of a cake? You heard that right. These days a lot of talks is about the champagne cake where instead of water, champagne is used in preparing the cake. The pink colour is from the food colour. It looks gorgeous. With simple vanilla frosting and dark chocolate shavings on top of the cake along with whipped cream. You can also add some fruits on top of it for a colour enticement.

Red velvet Chocolate

The sensational dark red colour along with velvety texture, enough to swirl in your mouth with the first bite. Any guess? Well, it’s your favourite Red velvet. The colour itself represents love and romance. It’s not chocolaty or vanilla kind of flavour; it has got very diverse taste unlike any other. The pairing of red velvet goes absolutely well with chocolate. And for the frosting, you can have, cheese frosting, creamy and smooth. According to some sources, red velvet is the newcomer which is gradually taking first place of choice in everyone’s heart. Consider it in form of two or three-tiered cake and you are all set to make a lasting impression on your guests.

 Vanilla Lemon

You simply cannot go wrong with the vanilla. It’s the most classic cake which everyone does. However, by mixing the classy and the new flavour of lemon, you get altogether experience blissfulness. Vanilla happens to be the ultimate base of all the cake. And the tanginess that comes together with lemon will make you go hum. For someone who doesn’t much want to play with the flavour, they can opt for vanilla and lemon flavour cake through our cake shop. With our cake delivery at home, it will be safe right at your doorstep.

White Chocolate with Raspberry

The delicious sweetness of white chocolate with the hint of tanginess, doesn’t that sound interesting? It surely does! The fruitiness of Raspberry soaring into the cake along with the swirls and creamy texture of the white chocolate is pure love. Moreover, this flavorful combination sets the benchmark for something unique. This white chocolate and raspberry mixing especially goes well with the decadent chocolate cake. It’s refreshing for a wedding and this might turn out to be one of your colour base theme cake. Just Imagine! WOW!

Coconut and Lime

Another tropical flavor that will give you the vibes of having an island wedding is the coconut and lime. You might cringe at the two world apart combination but mind you, this will be your every time option of cake once you savor it. The creamy and little bit of harsh texture of coconut shreds when mixing with the tanginess of lime – it gives the solid burst of a kick in your mouth. Moreover, this kind of flavor suits well with every base of cake except chocolate. For those who are always left with the option of chocolate, this is the match made in heaven just like the lovely couple.

So, that was all about trending flavours going on in 2018 for the most loving and important day in your life – Wedding day. Remember, the cake is one of the most pivotal parts of the wedding. Over the years the details and designs have kept on changing. So are the different flavours coming into existence? But no matter how beautiful and delicious the cake looks, if it doesn’t leave lasting touch in your taste buds it’s useless. Hence the aforementioned flavours are tried and tested. Do give a try and let us know your soulful experience in the comment section.