Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Best Restaurants to Hold a Political Event Near Washington DC

If you live in D.C. m or have had political meetings before: you know nothing is as important as the food.  People want something delicious while they’re talking or being talked to, and it allows lobbyists to schmooze a little and dote on whomever they’re convincing.  


These are the best restaurants to hold a political event in if you’re near Washington D.C., and why they’re worthy of your consideration.  

Why Food and Politics Mix

Food and politics are two things human society gathers around time and time again.  Because of this, the two are intrinsically locked together.  This is especially true in areas like Washington D.C., where you can’t walk five feet without running into at least thirty people who work in politics.  

Food gives people a communal moment where you’re all on the same playing field, and you’re serving your needs as a human while connecting with others through whatever politics are up your sleeve.  There’s nothing as important as this connection.

Charlie Palmer Steak

Started by K Street investors and just mere steps from the Capitol complex, this restaurant is the pinnacle of all lobbyist and politician lunches and gatherings.  Not only can you enjoy some of the best drinks in the city from bartenders who can remember drinks and faces incredibly well, but you’ll also get a great location to stop and talk to people who could offer your career advancement.  


Best known for its fantastic food and personality, Tosca makes everyone feel at home on the first bite.  This is the perfect backdrop for a political event since it gives you the freedom to stop and talk seriously while enjoying some of the best food in the city.  Whether you’re looking at Washington, D.C. houses for sale, or trying to solve a centuries-old debate: Tosca is a must-stop location.

Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak, and Stone Crab

If you want a little surf and turf, you’ll find it at Joe’s Seafood.  Quickly gaining popularity within the White House, you shouldn’t be surprised if you have to get wanded by the secret service if you decide to host a political event here.  Not only is the food absolutely delicious, but the location is great for anyone who wants to get in a good conversation on a short lunch break.

What to Avoid During Political Events

If you’re hosting a political event at a restaurant, it’s important that you avoid any restaurants that might be too polarizing.  This means vegan food or anything where someone will have to look at the menu for more than a minute to pick what to eat.  The main thing you should be talking about tonight is whatever political causes spurred this meeting, not whether their spicy food will be too spicy or not spicy enough for you.

There’s No Food Like Washington DC

If you catch yourself in need of a venue for a political event or are simply looking for a place to talk to lobbyists, it’s time to check out these restaurants.  Not only is most of their clientele somewhere in politics, but their food and drinks are also out of this world.

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