Best Way to Boost Your Exam Preparations

Samacheer kalvi 10th books

Preparing for the exams can be a very daunting experience. From textbooks to previous year papers and syllabus, students get an exhaustive list of resources to study well and score high. How would a student then decide on the most suitable resource to prepare most competently? The most important thing is to be thorough with the subject. For this, it pays to develop strong fundamentals from Class 6. Hence, if TN Board Class 6 students want to master the subject, the best resource is the Samacheer kalvi 6th books. These books explain even the most complicated concepts in a simple language for the students.

Other than mastering the concepts, there are more ways to prepare for exams. Find some tips below.

Tips To Prepare for the Exam

  1. Chalk out a perfect study plan for the exam
  2. Give enough time to go through the concepts covered in the class
  3. Use textbooks and be thorough with the subjects
  4. Revise the entire material prior to the exams
  5. Read through the notes prepared for the exams
  6. Be meticulous with formulas, theorems and equations
  7. Solve previous year papers regularly
  8. Use sample papers to self evaluate progress in studies
  9. Organize study groups and learn with friends
  10. Use various techniques to revise the entire concepts

From all the tips given above, it is clear that students need to be thorough with the textbooks for the exam. Hence, Class 10 students of TN Board will first master Samacheer kalvi 10th books for the exam. Meanwhile, if students have any doubt on how textbooks can help them score good marks, go through the points we have mentioned below.

Advantages of Textbooks

  1. Books cover the topics from the syllabus
  2. Students can easily recall what they have learnt from the books
  3. Complex concepts are also explained in an easy to understand the language
  4. Get an in-depth understanding of the subject
  5. Textbooks provide an organised unit of work
  6. Most of the questions asked in the exams are from the topics covered in the textbook
  7. They are good teaching aids, useful for both students and children

Hence, from all the tips given above, it is evident that students need to first study from the textbooks and then revise with the help of notes. Following this, they can self-analyze their performance with the help of past question papers. Then, based on their knowledge gap, students can prepare a good study plan so that they score high marks in the exam.

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