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Choosing Fabric For Roller Blinds

Choosing Fabric For Roller Blinds

The fabric for roller blinds is a stiff, vinyl or plastic material. This material is usually good for bathrooms and kitchens, because it doesn’t fray or need hemming. When choosing fabric, be sure to buy enough to cover your entire window. Also, make sure to leave extra hems for fittings. Listed below are some factors to consider when choosing the fabric for your blinds. Also, check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure you get the right product.


There are hundreds of choices when it comes to fabrics for Roller Blinds. Before choosing a fabric for your blinds, consider how much light you want to filter. You can choose standard fabrics, blackout fabrics, or dimout fabrics. Here are some of the benefits of each. These materials are ideal for a minimalist or monochromatic room, but you can also find bold prints that will add flair to your room. Here are a few of the advantages of Polyester fabric for roller blinds.

First, polyester roller blinds are affordable. They take up minimal space. They are also more vibrant than blinds made of other materials. In addition, roller blinds are easy to operate. They have a lifting mechanism and can be operated by a manual or electric mechanism. Some families add an electric device to their roller blinds so that they can control the level of light. This feature is incredibly convenient and saves time and energy.

Basket weave

A beautiful fabric for roller blinds is basketweave. This raised woven pattern comes in many styles and colors. Levolor Vertical Blind Style Vinyl Basketweave is available in three different colors. New safety standards for blinds will restrict the production of corded products. The purpose of this regulation is to prevent strangulation. As of December 15, 2018, most products will be cordless or have shorter, inaccessible cords. Customers can request custom length cords at the time of ordering.

The best fabric for roller blinds depends on the climate of the room. Some fabrics are water resistant, while others will absorb excessive amounts of heat and moisture. It is a good idea to choose a fabric that is both moisture and stain-resistant. Lastly, the fabric should complement the colors and shapes of the roller blinds. If you are installing blinds on a porch, deck, or other outdoor space, you may want to choose sheer fabrics.


If you’re looking for an alternative to the usual woven wooden blinds, linen fabric is an excellent option. Linen roller blinds are easily installed and maintainable. Listed below are three benefits of linen fabrics. All three are environmentally friendly, and the fabrics are machine-washable. Here are some tips to help you choose the best fabric for your blinds. These fabrics are available in many colours, and can be ordered to fit any window.

Bali Roller Shade Style Linen is a blend of 5% flax, 7% cotton, and 88% polyester. They filter light while maintaining a natural look and feel. Despite being a natural fabric, they are semi-private and are not visible from the street. New safety standards have been implemented for corded blinds, so that no kids or pets can get entangled. If you’re unsure of which material will work best for your home, make sure you research the product and manufacturer’s reputation first.


In a recent project for Dentsu Aegis Network Singapore, the client wanted to replace the old-fashioned, mediocre PVC Blackout with a white roller blind fabric with similar material specifications. Working with the design team at Siren Design, Shades Lab sourced a specific shade of white roller blinds at an affordable price point and improved user experience. The project resulted in a higher user satisfaction rating for the Dentsu Singapore brand.

When choosing the fabric for your roller blinds, consider the climate in your home. If the window will be exposed to extreme temperatures, choose a fabric with excellent moisture resistance. PVC is an easy-to-clean fabric that won’t absorb moisture. Other fabrics, such as natural fibers, are more eco-friendly. No matter what type of fabric you choose, be sure to consider its price. Here are some things to consider when choosing your new roller blinds:

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