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Destiny With Dubai

Destiny With Dubai

Tuesday May 13, 2014 my beloved family and I travelled Far East in search of a cultural excursion drenched in couture. The Chanel Resort 2015 Collection to be exact. Also known as the Chanel Cruise Fashion show, this spellbinding event was being held at a private island not far from the cosmopolitan metropolis just off the southeast coast of the Persian Golf.

In Karl Lagerfeld’s highly creative fashion, a gloriously chic facility was erected to house the event. Chanel had to have everything flown in to accommodate its esteemed guests of the exclusive affair. No expense was spared, neither was any detail overlooked in marrying opulence and ornamentation with a modern twist of simplicity.

Janelle Monáe, was among the celebrity guests to attend the event and she electrified the atmosphere with an amazing performance, adding a unique blend of soul and pulsating futuristic energy to an already neoteric atmosphere! This environment set the stage for a beautifully eclectic collection.

A symphonic like mixture of cultural traditionalism as well as classic Chanel codes of designed created looks that were unpredictable yet inspiring like a tribal syncopated rhythm. What was most exciting to me was the way such a diverse audience, all found something that they loved and connected with.

Dakota Fanning was also one of the style stars who attended the show, and she looked stunning in a short Chanel dress, Louboutin heels and Oliver Peoples sunglasses! I think it’s the concept of recycling the familiar to produce the imaginative that makes Mr. Lagerfeld and Chanel (in general), a supernatural force of nature in the world of style and couture. This is what modernism has become.

Overall, the runway looks, music and setting all made for a highly stylish and seductive evening. My family enjoyed themselves and lovingly allowed me to indulge in a moment that exceeded my mere love for couture. The beauty of visiting a city rich in style, cultural substance, and lavish living, made every moment feel less like an exotic excursion but more like destiny with Dubai!

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