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Do you need a exercise mat for carpet

Do you need a exercise mat for carpet

If you ask about that one workout tool that seems to be of no use, you might get a pat reply from us. Because there is one, and that is an exercise mat. It might seem to be useless but essential for your safety in many ways. A workout mat for a solid floor is still okay. But an exercise mat on a carpet seems extra.

But it’s not. Why let us explain.

Risk Factor

Carpets might be squishy. But they are not for exercising. So, you are prone to injuries. Not all exercises require an exercise mat. However, most of the cardio workouts do. Even the people with back or knee pain are asked to try cardio. Then, pilates, ab labs, and similar workouts require a lot of floor work. Your full body is going to be on the floor, abraded. You will have rug burn. And that is painful. An exercise mat, on the other hand, is made to avoid abrasion. So, to null the risk, you need to chuck on the carpet and start exercising on the mat.

Reduces Noise

We often tend to ignore the noise we make while working out on the floor. It might not annoy us. But it annoys the rest who are doing important work. A carpet flooring at home is not going to reduce the noise we make due to intense workout. It can be an issue if you have people living in the apartment beneath. Exercise mats are designed to reduce heavy noise. If you have the best exercise mat for carpet, you are getting as well as providing a noise-free workout session.

Clean and Comfortable

You are not going to wash a carpet daily. You can try a lot, but it will be dirty. So, when you are doing floor work with your body, it is better to have something between your body and the ground. Also, the workout mats have some cushioning going on in them. So, they are comfortable. But the cushioning is not too soft, thus great for your back and posture.


There will be hardly anyone who hasn’t had a big fall while working out. Tiles, wooden or carpeted floor, they are all slippery. While you are walking, they might not be that risky. But with just a slight pace, they become anti-gravity. While working out, you are moving with force. The sudden moves might make you lose your balance. And that fall can be fatal for you. So, an anti-slip workout mat becomes mandatory here.


Regular exercise on the squishy mat will damage the carpet. Carpet flooring is expensive. At least costly than a mere workout mat. So, instead of jumping and ruining the softness, color, and texture of the carpet, you must get a workout mat. These mats are sturdy enough to resist all the strong moves of yours without causing slight damage to it. But make sure to buy mats made of high-quality materials. The condition of the low-quality ones will be worst than the carpet.

So, it is quite clear that working out will not stop if you do not have a workout mat. But having a workout mat has too many upsides that not having it is not wise.

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