Tuesday, June 06, 2023

E-Commerce brand that used influencer marketing

Influence marketing is a form of Social Media Marketing. In this, the help of influencers is taken to reach the target audience. At present, every brand is adopting an influencer marketing strategy, even if it is an e-commerce brand.

Now all brands in India are adopting influencer marketing strategy. There is no doubt that the influencer marketing industry in India grew by 900 crores. In this article, we are going to share with you some examples of Indian brands that are taking advantage of influencer marketing. Let us know which brand it is.

MCaffeine is India’s first personal care brand with all its products made from coffee. Its purpose is only to impress the young audience. Many big influencers like Alia Bhatt, and Radhika Apte have done promotions for this brand.

MCaffeine takes the help of various influencers to promote its brand, all of which have small and large influencers. This gives them a lot of advantage and helps in attracting different audiences.

CosMix is ​​an Indian brand that focuses on beauty through herbs, superfoods, and supplements. Till now he has more than 30,000 followers. The brand takes the help of both Sushma and Mega influencers for its promotion.

Loom is a well known Indian brand that sells many beautiful accessories and varieties. The Loom brand is a very famous brand on Instagram. Big celebrities like Ashwariya Roy and Karisma Kapoor promote this brand. While promoting this brand, she also wears clothes of this brand. From this you can get an idea of ​​how best this brand is.

Mama earth
Mama Earth is an Indian brand founded by a couple named Varun and Ghazal. It is an Indian beauty brand that makes very good products, which are free from harmful substances.

For the e-commerce approach Mama Earth works with both small and large influencers in Brand Influencer Marketing. Have worked with more than 100 influencers in this company so far. Which also includes Sara Ali Khan, Amrita Singh, and Shilpa Shetty.

Gillette Venus.
Gillette Venus is a famous Indian company that brings new razors for men and women. With the help of Influencer Marketing, this company got a name and value in the market.

You must have seen Gillette Venus’s AIDS on your TV or in your phone, in which you must have seen Ananya Pandey or Sachin Tendulkar. So many big celebrities promote this brand due to which a large number of people are attracted towards it.

Final words
Influencer Marketing has now become a core necessity for every brand to reach a new audience. Every brand, small and big, is adopting this strategy. But for this you need to find the right influencer. An influencer completely influences your life.

All the brands given in this article come in top brands of India today. By which you must have got an idea of ​​how marketing affects a brand.

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