Gb Whatsapp: New and Emerging App in the Market

Gb Whatsapp: New and Emerging App in the Market

Nowadays, smartphone is the common gadget that everyone has its use is increasing day by day and also the technology. There are so many new applications are coming every day. With the advent of new and dynamic technology, everyday there is a new update or advancement in the technology we are using. Technology has changed our lives completely and we are so dependent on the technology that we are using. There are so many alternatives and variants available in these applications which somehow different features offered by them. These apps are not only used for business, education or something but applications are used as a way of communication. It is used for texting, sending videos, photos, documents or other files etc.

GB Whatsapp Download 2018 is one of the leading applications which are used as a way of communication all over the world. This application is used all over the world and it is available at free of cost. It provides its users a great user’s experience. Here are the key highlights of this app:

  • Status can be copied
  • Can have more than one account on same number
  • It can be operate in many multiple languages
  • You can share photos and videos to anyone
  • New emojis can be updated
  • You can make number of whatsapp groups
  • You can keep your chats in privacy
  • Time to time updates available
  • Added features

GB whatsapp includes many new and unique features that the other app doesnot offer.

  • You can hide or freeze you’re last seen, the person viewing your account will not be able to see your freeze last seen.
  • Hide status view: on this new app, you can even hide your viewed status i.e. if you view someone status or by mistake you have opened the status that you does not want to open then you can even hide your status view on that person’s status.
  • Hide read receipts: you can even hide that blue ticks on the read message, if you want to. By changing the privacy options you can do this.
  • Always online: you may stay online always even in the time when you are not online.
  • Backup: you can have the offline backup of all the data in your whatsapp.
  • Hide typing indication: Whenever you see typing written on your whatsapp chat you get to know that someone is typing. You can even hide that typing indication.
  • Hide recording: you can even hide that recording option from your GB whatsapp when you record any audio for another one.
  • Password protection: you can set password for your hidden chats and messages.

There are numerous apps which are available on internet and can be used in our Smartphone in our day to day life. Firstly you will prefer to have a social media app for texting i.e. Whatsapp or GB Whatsapp. Which helps in operating two accounts on one whatsapp? This is the most useful application which can be used to grab benefits.

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