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How Does Contract Administration Course Help in Construction Industry?

How Does Contract Administration Course Help in Construction Industry?

For any construction project time is money. If the project is delayed one will be losing money. Thus, it becomes important that the project is completed as per the schedule. Moreover, there is much type of employees working at any project. There is need to manage them and once they are managed then only it is possible to complete the project on time. The contract is a document between the owner and the contractor for completion of the project under certain terms. It is the job of the contract administrator to oversee that the contract is followed. What will happen if the contract is not followed?

Consequences of failure in following contract

Before understanding how a contract administrator is important let’s find out the consequences of the contract is not progressed as desired.

  • There can be delay in the progress of the project. This delay can be compensable or even non-compensable. If the delay becomes critical then there will be bad effect on the project. Like the cost of both raw material and labour may increase. In that case the estimate will not work and the overall cost of the project will increase. Thus the profit margin will reduce.
  • Different disputes may arise due to the delay in the project. There may be lawsuits too!
  • Later in order to complete the project on time workers may have to work overtime. This way their quality of work will reduce, thus reducing the overall quality of the construction work.
  • Sometimes when there is too much delay the project may be abandoned also. The demand of such project may reduce and hence there will be total loss.

Under such circumstances it is clear that if the contract is not followed properly then it will hamper the project that is not at all expected.

Role of contract administrator

Under such situation when it is important to complete the project as per the contract one needs to ensure that the contract administrator is doing their job properly. It is their responsibility to execute the contract properly. They are the ones who will invite and process tenders. They will be responsible for preparing the contract document that must be followed for successful completion of the project. They will instruct the site supervisor after overseeing their work. The whole responsibility of completion of the project lies on them. All this explains why a contract administrator is most important for any construction project.

In order to be a contract administrator one can join contract administration course. This course will develop their skill for becoming a Contract administrator. They will be taught all requisite in the course and along with their experience in the field of construction one can become a Contract administrator. If someone is unable to attend any regular classes then there are options for joining online classes. These classes can be taken up from the convenience of one’s home and thus it becomes easier to complete the course.

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