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How to make an electronic signature of legal document?

How to make an electronic signature of legal document?

How to build associate degree electronic signature? The goal is to sign documents electronically respecting their integrity, like a contract or responses to tenders for public contracts. To do this, corporations got to acquire associate degree electronic signature certificate provided by a sure third party. However it’s not that easy.

applier defines for you all the contours of the digital signature during a context of dematerialization wherever the legal worth of a document is at the guts of the problems, with 3 recommendations of software system armed to the teeth to present you a smile.


  • Definition of the electronic signature in five criteria

o Criterion 1: main options

o Criterion 2: eIDAS regulation and legal worth

o Criterion 3: sure third party and electronic signature certificate

o Criterion 4: Digital Signature for Public acquisition

o Criterion 5: the advantages of dematerialization

  • How to form associate degree electronic signature: the guide

o Concrete examples in photos

o 11 steps to make associate degree electronic signature

o 8 tips for creating a digital signature


o DocuSign

o Yousign

  • A new challenge for all corporations

Choose associate degree electronic signature software system

We don’t seem to be humorous with the notion of legal worth or the notion of proof, are we? Applier thus chooses to gift you with 3 electronic signature solutions recognized as certification authorities: the planned software system is often updated to suits the decrees and laws in effect.

All the necessities regarding the confidentiality and also the security of the knowledge and also the technical conditions particularly in terms of your time stamping ar gathered to facilitate your processes of signatures and to respect the integrity of your documents.

Outlaw the free electronic signature. Some on-line services permit you to sign a document at no cost electronically. Applier powerfully discourages this practice: your company might disclose sensitive or confidential information with none privacy or security controls. As for the certification of your digital identity, a heavy doubt remains. We tend to advise you to check tools at no cost for thirty days and to attend a free demonstration beforehand: serious publishers show their certifications and supply a consulting dimension to adapt to the wants of every company. To recollect the essential parts that represent associate degree digital signature online,

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