How to measure Temperature for Aluminium Extrusion


Obtaining the correct temperature at all stages of the aluminium extrusion process is a major factor in producing extruded components that are of the highest quality. The methods used for temperature control have changed dramatically over the years as new improvements and facilities have enabled even greater accuracy.

Sophisticated Equipment

Before the introduction of new methods, temperature control was conducted manually by placing a temperature gauge or thermometer directly onto the surface of the extruded aluminium. Perfectionists were often irritated by the way this procedure could occasionally leave an almost invisible imprint on the finished product. The aluminium extrusion industry now uses sophisticated temperature gauges known as non-contact pyrometers to control every aspect of the procedure. The result is perfect aluminium extrusions that have been produced with greater efficiently, less waste and reduced energy.

The Benefits of using a Pyrometer

A non-contact pyrometer uses an infra-red wavelength to measure the temperature of the aluminium extrusion leaving it unmarked. The robust construction of the pyrometer allows it to be used at all stages of the extrusion process from when the mill finish billet is first heated and rammed under pressure forcing the metal through the mould to when it finally enters the curing oven. The pyrometer ensures accurate readings are taken throughout to produce extrusions at temperatures that are most suitable for the different alloys that are used. The whole process becomes faster due to the increased accuracy.

How a Pyrometer works

The beam of infra-red is unhindered by any smoke or steam that might be in the area. It can measure temperatures in excess of 1200 degrees Celsius with pinpoint accuracy. The computerised system uses Bluetooth to integrate with smartphone Android systems for greater flexibility and convenience during the manufacture of aluminium extrusions. It can operate with various scanning functions to provide data regarding every aspect of the manufacturing process to guarantee a perfect extrusion is produced. Attachments are available to adapt to any circumstances for accuracy when using specific grades of aluminium.

Expertise and Perfection

The manufacture of high-quality aluminium extrusions is enhanced by the use of sophisticated equipment throughout the entire procedure. However, the process still relies heavily on the expertise of a highly-skilled workforce. It takes years of training to perfect the technique of manually measuring temperatures accurately. Edmo Limited have decades of experience at producing perfect aluminium extrusions.

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