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How to select the right inspector for production inspection in China

How to select the right inspector for production inspection in China

Many companies export their raw materials and goods from other countries especially China. But, when you are having parts or products from a different country, it is important to ensure that you are getting only high-quality products with the proper standard. Many overseas manufacturers use low-quality raw materials even toxic products. It can ruin the good name or reputation of a company. Production inspection is the right process here that ensures that you are getting only high-quality products from other countries and there is no defective parts, no defect in packaging or chance of damage in shipping. To ensure such safety standards, you need to hire the skilled and qualified inspectors who can check the products by visiting factories and then make a realistic, authentic result so that you can improve the product quality.

Many companies offer production inspection in China but not all are up to the mark or can offer you an authentic result. When you are hiring such inspectors, you need to make sure that they have proper knowledge of the product; they have tools to determine the quality standard etc.

Here are a few things that you need to check:


When you are hiring the inspectors, make sure that the inspector or the team of inspectors has enough experience in the field. A company that is just starting the service can be a risk for you. They can lack major points because of less experience. So, when you are hiring them, check how long they are offering such services.


For production inspection in China, you are hiring or outsource an inspection service provider based in China. This is a cost-friendly option because you don’t need to pay the travel expenses, food expenses etc to the team. How to determine that they will provide you with an authentic result? Well, you can a simple way. You can use your search engine to check their previous clients or can ask them to provide the details of their previous clients. If there is any previous client from your field of business or your country, you can have an honest review from them. Read available reviews on the service providers also.


Cost or charges of services will help you to determine the service level too. If a service provider charges surprisingly low, you should be aware of them. Hire a company that charges moderately as per the industry standard.


Proper certification is important to give authentic service. Every inspection company should have legal certifications so that they can proceed with the services. When you are hiring the company, check that that the company has the legal right, license or certification for the inspection tasks.


Goods inspection required specific tools and the inspection team or the company should come up with the necessary tools that are required for proper testing and checking. Ask the company whether they have knowledge of modern tools and techniques and they can use the tools properly for the flawless inspection.

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