Tuesday, June 06, 2023

How you can save on your fuel cost using Fleet Management System

Fuel is a major part of every fleet budget. One should know that low fuel efficiency of the medium, as well as heavy-duty vehicles, is costly for the environment as they emit a lot of pollution.

The fleet managers are usually worried about the high fuel expenses. Well, here’s a piece of good news for all such managers. By using GPS Tracker, you can reduce fuel costs up to 20-25 percent.

The key to conserving fuel and money is to monitor and bring changes in the behavior of drivers causing inefficient fuel use. Here’s how fleet management system can help you to save money:-

  • It helps in eliminating wasteful and needless idling.
    A truck idling for about three hours a day has the potential to add the equivalent of over 27 thousand miles to engine wear and tear in a year. With the fleet tracking system, you can view the idle time per vehicle. You can also have a record of fleet-wide idle time averages.
    Educate your drivers about the same as it is important for them to understand the advantages of minimizing idle times.
    They need to understand that idling engines waste fuel. Turning off the ignition surely puts more money in your pocket, and also helps to protect the environment by reducing pollution.
  • You can improve fleet efficiencies by sending the closest vehicle.
    In a case where you need to send a driver to a place by having no impact on the overall fuel consumption, you will check his position by contacting him. Instead, you could use a convenient software option and quickly assess which driver is best suited according to his geographical proximity.
  • Fleet management helps in reducing fraudulent incidents by reconciling fuel card expenditures with consumption.
  • It also helps you to reduce the out-of-route mileage
    It is supremely important to plan your drivers’ routes appropriately. If you work towards eliminating all unnecessary mileage, you will notice the benefits in the form of lower fuel expenses.
    A complete fleet management system would help you in achieving this objective. With the ‘driver history’ option, you will be easily able to identify the most efficient route for your drivers.
  • Excessive speed needlessly consumes large amounts of fuel. Fleet management helps to monitor that.
    Driving at speeds which are higher than the optimal fuel efficiency of the vehicle decreases gas mileage. If the drivers observe the correct speed throughout the journey, they can increase miles per gallon and also save a lot of fuel and money. By setting speed limits for each vehicle in your fleet, you can monitor excessive speeds.
  • Track the Non-business use of your fleet and put a stop to it through management solutions
    Eliminating personal use of vehicles prevents fuel wastage and also saves a considerable amount of money. Monitoring the after-hours usage of your vehicles is necessary.
    The tracking software will tell you where your vehicles currently are, where they have been and the precise timing of their rides. Once you figure out that after-hours driving has been creating a problem, you can put the brakes on unauthorized usage.

These are some of the ways in which fleet management helps in curtailing fuel costs and ultimately helps in increasing the efficiency of your business.

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