Important Mistakes That You Should Avoid When Purchasing Promotional Products

Important Mistakes That You Should Avoid When Purchasing Promotional Products

There are a thousand options available when it comes to choosing a promotional product for your business. It is important to leverage them effectively. There is a wrong way or right way to purchase promotional products. Not many people are aware of it. In this article, we will tell you top mistakes that you should avoid when ordering your promos.

Don’t Order Promotional Product Solely on the Basis on Price Alone

A lot of business makes this mistake of choosing a promotional product on the basis of price. This is not the right way to make the desired impact of marketing. The product you choose should represent your brand. It is important to align your business reputation with the handouts that you stock.

When you are ordering promotional items, you should stick on a modest budget. It is important that you value quality over quantity. Only when the quality of your promo is good, they will use it and your marketing objective will be fulfilled.

If you want increased business visibility, go for decently priced and good quality products. Custom Earth Promos is one of the reputed eco-friendly stores that provide you custom stainless-steel bottles that are superior in quality and available at competitive prices.

Do not Wait till the Last Minute

Some businesses delay the task of ordering promotional products until the last minute. What happens when you place the order last minute is that it undoubtedly cost you more. Also, you may not get various options to choose from.

Also, the processing of the order takes time, so you need to keep spare time to fix any mistakes or perform adjustments. It is advised that to check the date at which your corporate event is scheduled, and start ordering the promotional product a quarter before you need it.

Don’t Pay Attention to The Imprint

Another mistake that businesses make is that they do not think about the imprinting at the time of ordering the promo product. It is important to pay attention to the imprint before you select the promos.

Simply adding the logo to the product will not get you the returns that you expect from your marketing campaign. This type of minimal branding does not allow product recipients to engage with the business. Pay attention to the design, or else you will lose the customer. It is important to include a phone number and website on the promo.

Making the design overwhelming

Some businesses stuff a lot of information in the design of the promo product. This not just makes the design look messy, but also makes it difficult to read. Do not mention the entire history of the company on the promotional product.

The information you imprint on the product should tell the customers, about the business name, and its logo so that they can learn about you. Rest other details they can find it out on their own if your product really impresses them.


The type of promotional product you buy impacts the results that you receive from it. By becoming aware of these mistakes and preventing them, you can easily find the ideal fit for your upcoming campaign.

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