Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Khmer Lottery Results

In Cambodia, Khmer Lottery has made its name. People from all the societies, age groups, and business backgrounds are interested in this game because it is not only simple but also comes with a horoscope keeping winning rates high. The easier access via mobile phone, different bets ranging from lower to higher prizes, and overall higher winning rates have made it most popular game in Cambodia.

Rules for playing Khmer Lottery: The rules for playing the Khmer Lottery are quite simple. All you need to do is to decide whether u want to play with 5 digits or 7 digits. Then you can choose any number containing 5 or 7 digits respectively on your own wish and will. The digits can be repeated in the overall number.

An example of 5 digit game is 45839, 55771, 80283, etc.

An example of 7 digit game is 7648494, 3344727, 9649876, etc.

After selecting a number, now you have to choose how much risk you want to take. There are 3 bets with 1000 lucky draws, 100 lucky draws, and 1 lucky draw. Depending on the bet, the amount of bet and the prize change. For 1000 lucky draw bet the prize amount will be 90,000 times the actual amount you bet. For 100 lucky draw bet, the prize amount will be 80,000 times the actual amount you bet. And for 1 lucky draw bet the prize amount will be 60,000 times the actual amount you bet.

Other than this prize amount, the company also offers other prizes with time like motorbikes and other stuff.

Conduct of Lottery: you can play the game with the help of a smartphone, tablet, laptop or personal computer. Other than playing online, Since Dreamwin is responsible for this lottery so you can easily get the lottery tickets from any authorized Dreamwin retail store.

Khmer Lottery Horoscope App: The Dreamwin Corporation has made a horoscope app to help individuals in selecting the number. After getting sign in into the app, it will give you your lucky number. This is helping people increase their chances of winning.

Other than this the app offers playing rules and regulations, useful tips, and other information about the lottery.

Khmer Lottery Results: The Khmer Lottery Results are publicized daily at 1300 hours and 1800 hours. The Lottery drawings run twice a day and for all the days of the week.

You can easily see the Khmer Lottery Result online on Dreamwin Corporation’s official website or ResultCambodia.com.

Khmer Lottery Results are also published on any authorized Dreamwin retail store.

Moreover, if you use Facebook quite frankly then follow the Dreamwin Corporation. It updates the results and new feeds about special prizes like motorbikes etc.

Khmer Lottery is a good initiative from Dreamwin Corporation. People are investing their money in the game which is overall favoring the economy of the country. The higher winning rate of the lottery is not helping the government to smoothly run economy but also helping the people financially.

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