Most Fun Things to Do if You Have an Unlimited Internet Connection

Most Fun Things to Do if You Have an Unlimited Internet Connection

Did you know that 10% of our lifeis spent surfing Facebook and Instagram on the internet? Fun fact: Asia is the continent with the largest number of internet users, at about 42%, and about 16%-20% of the searches made on Google from Asia are completely new searches, never done before!

There are an unlimited number of things you can do on the internet today, apart from social media. All you need to do is ask yourself, what is the best broadband connection near me, and you’re all set to make the most of your leisure time.

Make the Most of Your Internet Connectivity

Airtel V-Fiber offers you high speed fiber optic internet, which transforms your broadband experience with internet speedsof upto 100Mbps. This not only means quick uploads and downloads, but also minimum buffering.Here’s a look at some fun things you can do when you get such high speed internet.

1.      Google Yourself

You don’t have to be famous to appear on Google! One of the most fun things to do on the internet is to Google yourself. Your future employers can see a lot of information about you when they type your name in the search engine. What’s more, you can finally get hold of all the social media platforms you have been a part of for ages but never really logged in to!

2.      Know the World

With Google Street View, you can take a virtual tour of any place in the world. There are a few million panoramic images for you to browse through from the cosy comfort of your home. With this website, you can easily decide your next vacation or simply educate yourself about the remotest corners of your favourite country. Why not start exploring right away?

3.      Visit Fun Websites

 If you are bored out of your mind, why don’t you check out these funny websites?

  • Giphy: You can create your own GIFs and memes on this website and also check out the memes other people have created on the internet.
  • News of Future: If you want to find out what the headlines of newspapers will be years from now, go check out this cool website.
  • Funny Vines: Vines are funny 6-second videos that are good enough to cheer you up even on your saddest days. This YouTube channel will surely keep you entertained for hours.

4.      Write Something for the World

The internet has endless options when it comes to blogging. Websites like Scribophile are among the top online writing communities, where writers of all levels – beginners or professionals, can share their write-ups. Here,constructive critique and feedback is provided by other writers to help you improve your skills. There are also free workshops where you access professional tips and tricks on writing great articles. Sign up already!

5.      Know Yourself Through Quizzes

Taking fun online quizzes is a great way to know your own personality. Buzz Feed offers a quiz platform called Buzz Feed Quizzes, where by answering a few questions or selecting a few pictures, you will be given accurate results about what your favourite shoe brand is, what your future job looks like, which Disney character you are or even the most bizarre things like when you’re getting married or which dog breed you could be! This is a fun way to kill time and getentertained at the same time.

6.      Create Fun Memes

If you want to spend time on the internet doing quirky things, why not produce bone tickling memes? Exploring famous meme faces like Grumpy Cat, Overly Attached Girlfriends and so on can be really amusing, plus you will have masterpieces of your own! With the help of Meme Generator and Make a Meme, create hilarious and unique memes to keep you friends hooked for the longest time.

7.      Play Great Games

Online gaming websites like Bigpoint have revolutionized the gaming world! You can play endless games of your choice. All you need to have is unlimited internet connectivity. Service providers like Airtel offer great internet plans to choose from, which will keep you covered. These games can sharpen your brain power, make you quick and smart, enable brain training and ultimately improve your performance in other fields too!

8.      Take a Tour of the Solar System

In the last half of the 20th century, several comets, asteroids and planets have been visited and there are plenty of wonderful pictures of Jupiter’s storms, mudslides on Mars and how our Earth looks like at night! Browse thisspace site to take a closer look!

The internet opens up whole new worlds. So, ask which one is the best broadband connection near me and make the most of your free time.

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