Reasons to Plan an Andaman Holiday


Whenever we think of holidays, we find our self in dilemma about where should we go. Do Sparkling cities is the best holiday place or mist-laden hills are the right places or pristine quiet and calm beach holidays is the best? Some time we rotate our holiday preferences. Every type of holidays is having its good and bad points, but beach holidays are more relaxing and soothing as it does not have long and tiring roads to travel.

Just when we think of Holidays on beaches in India, the first and only name that crops in our mind is Holiday in the Andaman Islands, as serene and pristine beaches of Andaman makes the client look for Best Andaman Holiday packages on the internet. Andaman is considered as the Best honeymoon place of India, but it has a lot to offer to family’s looking to have some fun in Andaman.

Andaman Island is located south of India, and it is accessible by direct flights and ships from the Indian Main Land to Capital Port Blair.  Amazingly gorgeous Andaman Islands and the Nicobar Islands in Port Blair is Surrounded by sapphire waters, and full of unspoiled natural beauty, the islands are one of India’s most overlooked holiday destinations. Port Blair serves as a bridge to the union territories, with the only airport on the islands.

Andaman trip has a lot many things to showcase and There is more than one reason to schedule an Andaman tour.

  1. The pristine beaches

More than 600 islands of Andaman and its stunningly beautiful sea beaches is the biggest reason to go for Andaman Holiday. Port Blair, the capital city, has many good beaches in addition to some surrounding Islands like North Bay and Ross island. Radhanagar beach of Havelock Island is the queen of all the beaches of Andaman and is regarded as the best beach of Asia, by reputed Times Magazine.  A visit to Radhanagar beach is part of all the Andaman Holiday Packages, whether online or Customized.  Sitapur beach, Laxman beach, and Bharatpur beach of Neil Island is second to none in its beauty.

Such picturesque beaches come with clear waters and white sandy beaches that leave you speechless. Roll along the coast for a long time or sit back and watch the sunset on the water while you rediscover the sense of serenity.

  1. The Glimpses of History.

Though Andaman Nicobar is far from India’s Struggle for Freedom, many noted freedom fighters spend long years in jail here, and Netaji Subhas Chander Bose took over Andaman island declared it free from British Raj, though briefly. The living example of the association of Indian freedom struggle is the Cellular Jail of Port Blair. Once a dreaded jail, Cellular jail has become the Hot tourist spot of Andaman Island, and find a place in all the Andaman holiday tour itinerary.

Port Blair retains a treasure chest of historic position in the middle of the lavish greenery and calming oceanic breeze. One of the most popular tourist spots is the Cellular Prison, which was designed to prison freedom fighters under British rule. A place that has seen multiple massacres, it is sure to evoke emotional quantities. After the tour of Cellular jail, stay back for the light and sound series, which represents the struggle of Indians for freedom.

  1. The Local Multi-Racial Culture of Andaman:

The Population of Andaman island not dominated by any particular religion, caste or community but is a real cosmopolitan culture where trust and love exist for each other.

Andaman Population Consist of Bengali, Tamil, Malay and Local tribes practicing their religion and rituals.

The island territory’s rich heritage is something on which its people feel proud. You can notice a variety of museums in Port Blair, designed on themes varying from forestry and ecology. Port Blair Has many unusual Museums ranging from Anthropology museums to Museums dedicated to Marine life and Navy forces and wildlife and marine fauna, you can also visit the science center, or head across the Chatam sawmill bridge, built in the 19th century. Situated around Port Blair, these cultural hotspots will add a touch of enrichment to your vacation.

  1. Aquatic and water sports activities.

Is it any wonder, for a place encircled by the sea, that it offers the finest water sports like scuba diving, jet ski, and socketing and Aquatic activities? Almost the major tourist islands of Island have excellent facilities for water sports activities. Andaman Only places in India where you can enjoy Commercial seaplane rides. Try a shore-walk to explore underwater wonders, go scuba diving in a glass-bottomed cruise to get close and personal to the marine life, or ride over the surface of the sea. Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports complex is an ideal place for those who are searching for an adrenaline rush. This complex has modern equipment for scuba Diving, snorkeling, jet skiing or parasailing.

  1. The food of Andaman:

Being a multiracial society Andaman island offers a variety of food delicacies from the Bengali, Tamil, Malay, and local Nicobaric Kitchen.  But the best is Andaman seafood.  Tourists should their usual food and should try the local food, as no holiday experience is complete without local food experiences.

Try out restaurants in Port Blair, where you can feast on recently caught lobsters, tuna, and crabs. You’re sure to find it here, whether you’re in the mood for some fine dining, or trying to get a fast dinner. Port Blair also has restaurants specialized in basic South and North Indian cuisine, for the more conventional ones.


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