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Roger Wolfson – The True Meaning of Animal Rights

Roger Wolfson - The True Meaning of Animal Rights

Animal rights imply that animals need specific types of consideration. These considerations are generally in the best interests of the animal. They are useful to humans, and some of them are even adopted as pets as they seem cute. Some animals are endangered species, and regardless of any human care, they should be respected as they do not belong to any human being. They should not be used for clothing, food, experiment, and entertainment.

Roger Wolfson – Difference between animal welfare and animal rights

Roger Wolfson is an esteemed TV writer, screenwriter, speechwriter, and activist for animal rights. He is from Los Angeles in the USA and has written for five network television series. He has been on the staff for four Senators in the country. He has written political speeches for them and has been the Vice President of Channel One News. He established his own firm in strategic consulting and has worked as an attorney in civil rights.

Stop injustice towards animals

When it comes to animal rights, some theories revolve around animal welfare. These theories state that animals have interests, and humans permit these interests to be traded for the benefit of humans. This is the thought that justifies this sacrifice.

Animal rights indicate that, like humans, animals have interests that cannot be traded or sacrificed for the benefit of others. These rights do not mean that they are absolute. Like humans, they are limited and can invoke conflict. Animal rights indicate they are not slaves to be used for clothing, entertainment, etc. Animal welfare permits the use of animals only in a humane manner. Legal laws have been passed in this context, and offenders that violate them are punished or fined.

The reasons why animals should have rights

If you look around, you will find that humans have grown up eating animal meat, wearing leather derived from animals, and visiting zoos and circuses where animals are locked in cages. Humans fail to understand this impact on animals. This is where the need for animal rights come in. There are some cases where animals are tortured for pleasure. They are engaged in fights to entertain humans that are injurious to their health. In short, animals feel pain and humiliation like humans. However, they do not have a voice to protect themselves. This is where they need the consideration of humans to become their voice and protect them from the acts of injustice caused to them by humans.

In the opinion of Roger Wolfson when it comes to animal rights, this does not mean equality. This refers to the consideration that animals feel pain too, and they should not suffer in silence. They need an advocate for protecting them against the injustice of some cruel humans. They have a right to live a peaceful and pain-free life. Being an animal lover and activist gives him the opportunity to protect innocent animals and stop inhuman activities done to them. Animal protection laws are created, which helps them stop becoming victims in the hands of humans for their selfish interests.

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