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Seven great home decoration ideas with pine wood

Seven great home decoration ideas with pine wood

Conifer tree wood or softwood isn’t usually valued in terms of its durability and usefulness in construction. However, there are some exceptions, and pine trees are amongst them. All over the world, pines are held in high regard due to their sturdiness, resistance to rot and a pretty lovable aesthetic appeal. So, with that being said, we’ve compiled a short, but sweet list of seven interior decoration ideas that involve pine wood. Let’s get to it!

Pine wood flooring

As simple as it gets, pine wood floors are usually quite light and bright, meaning that they are extremely good-looking in a colder, northern environment or somewhere, where you have nature around. However, let us give you a free piece of advice – instead of opting for regular pine wood flooring, choose charred pines.

Charred pine timber is waterproof and fireproof, meaning it’s much safer and much more durable. If you’re interested, look at what Degmeda has to offer.

How about the entire place?

This might seem slightly unorthodox, but we saw a nice post on 9GAG about a cabin in Chile which has its entire interior made just from pine and plywood. And what can we say is that it looks very cozy, very liveable and entirely natural.

Mosaic wall art

Once again, burnt pine wood makes an appearance on our list. This piece of mosaic art we found on Etsy is slightly extravagant, but it definitely captivates your attention and has a very distinct look.

It can definitely fit in with darker interiors as well as go in lofts with very contemporary vibe.


High-quality, nice colours, durable, dependable and very practical. This is what pine wood is all about. If you’re looking for high-quality wooden dressers and wooden furniture, choose pine wood products as they’re not going to disappoint and will definitely fit in with your interior.

Mini frames on the wall

Technically these can be made from any sort of wood, but pine does wooden products justice as it makes sure they’re of high quality. Imagine a couple of quite thick empty frames made from solid wood right next to one another. You can place plants, pictures and other items inside for a very clean look.

Plant Stands

Plant stands are very trendy nowadays. They can have multi-purpose gaps in the middle where you can store a candle to have an aroma-filled room.

Wooden backboards

You can take pieces of reclaimed pine wood and turn them into simple backboards. On them, you can place pictures which would definitely look neat in a beige or brown wall. This is a very eco and environment-friendly idea for people who want something stylish, yet slightly rough for their interiors.

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