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Which is the best wireless earphone for under Rs 3000

Which is the best wireless earphone for under Rs 3000

Are you looking for a new exceptional Bluetooth headset that is compact and has the unbelievable features in it. what if I tell you now that we have the best Bluetooth headset in the electronic market that is sleek, effortless in pairing, superb battery standby time and music through this Bluetooth headset is simply awesome with the super bass sound. Recently I gifted a Bluetooth headset to my brother who is crazy about music. I was reading all the reviews on some of the Bluetooth headsets in the market before buying one. Since my budget was lesser than 3000/- I wanted a best Bluetooth headset with quality performance.

Product highlights:

o    Elegant Bluetooth headset

o    Sporty, ergonomically designed

Top features:

o    Automatic connection, after initially pairing

o    Compatible with iPhone, windows, and Android

o    Exceptional battery work time (up to 8 hours)


o    Bluetooth 4.1+EDR

o    CSR Chip

o    Built-in Microphone

o    Earplug accessories – 2 pairs (Extra)

o    Cable management clip

o    User manual

o    USB car charger up to 3 feet

o    Charging port: Micro USB

Technical specification:

o    Battery: lithium-ion polymer 80mAH

o    Frequency response: 20-22 kHz


o    Deep bass, super sound quality

o    Smart noise reduction

o    Compatible with major mobile phones and tablets


o    1-year warranty


ACID EYE Bluetooth headset:

Wireless earphones are made in a range of different audio reproduction quality capabilities. Usually, big music systems and expensive units are designed to reproduce the sound of high fidelity. Technical engineers of Acid eye Bluetooth headset have managed to design these wireless earbuds to reproduce the equal amount of fidelity that can be seen and felt on high expensive products. This is a brand that produces electronic wireless Bluetooth earphones that are inexpensive with high potential. For most people music is a profession for them, music can create awesome energy and good moments in life, it builds relationships, and it is a long life partner. You cannot replace the music with money but you have to also keep in mind to satisfy your needs with the high-quality life in minimum budget. Bluetooth headset for mobile has become a rage to own. All the students, from schools and colleges, would want to buy wireless earphones due to its comfort and design element.

You just cannot buy any wireless earbuds, for the heck of buying it. It should be sporty, sleek, ergonomically designed with good aesthetics. Today only one such brand that has all these qualities is the wireless Bluetooth earphone from “Acid eye” series 4.1 Bluetooth headset”.

·     Bluetooth headset with all the merits like the positive design factor, functionality driven, smoothness to the core, deep bass and super sound quality. With all these factors it has been rated high by the market acceptance. This is indeed value for your money and of course, such an inexpensive product with all these features is just unbelievable. This Bluetooth device definitely will keep the ambient noise far from the reach, turn up/down the volume but there is not distortion whatsoever.  I guarantee you that no other Bluetooth headset for mobile is as popular as Acid eye 4.1 Bluetooth headsets.

·     Battery work time: let us discuss regarding the exceptional battery work time. In most cases, all the good effective Bluetooth headsets should give a standby of 8 hours with a single charge in a day, and this particular wireless earbud has been tested thoroughly with all the mobile and portable devices and the battery backup is simply exceptional. You need to pair once and forget charging again for a couple of days and this is guaranteed.

·     It is an excellent wireless Bluetooth device with battery backup, this Bluetooth device has eventually rank up the scores after it was compared with other major wireless earbud devices that give only the best sound output also with thumping sound to believe it and try out everlasting battery work time with an Acid eye Bluetooth device.

·     Chip (Hardware): The entire excellent Bluetooth headset comes with CSR technology, Cambridge silicon radio, a pioneer who makes the wireless Bluetooth. It was later renowned as Qualcomm technologies. It has a built-in Microphone, which converts the air variations of the sound wave to an electrical signal.

·     An integrated solution that beautifully fits with the aesthetics of a product, only Acid eye Bluetooth device can possess such build and quality.

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